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Custom Energetic Channelled Painting Transmissions

Custom Energetic Channelled Painting Transmissions

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These paintings are channelled for your own individual energies. Channelled via my heart centre and soul, created with your own sacred geometry, symbols and visions for your own energetic needs, integrations and activations to support your energies in moving forward with your soul evolution and consciousness.

Your painting will hold a combination of crushed crystals within your scared geometry for your unique energies and activated with my own unique fire energy and light language. These are highly energetic paintings which hold keys and codes to assist with unlocking energetic blockages and assist with further aligning with your own soul.
As these paintings are channelled energetically, permission would be required to enter your energetic field to receive the information that is required to assist with the creation of your painting. Once this information has been received, you will be notified via email for you to revoke my permission. 

Visions received will vary depending on your energies and the requirement of your soul remembrance. Please do not put an expectation or outcome on your vision as this will block the process. 
Materials used will be a combination of Acrylic and Gouache Paints on Winsor and Newton Canvas.

Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for completion of painting however, Divine Timing is a huge part of this process and transmission.

When painting is complete, a jpeg/png will be sent to you via email.

Shipping is not included within price quoted.   Once painting is complete and packaged, you will be notified of shipping cost via email and painting will be shipped via courier once postage is paid.

If you require the Light Language Transmission along with your painting, this will be sent to you via email to download.   Please make sure that you have WeTransfer (App available on Google Play or Apple) downloaded to receive your transmission.

If you have purchased the UV Paints and Light Language Transmission, it is your responsibility to purchase your own UV Lights.   

As this is an highly energetic intuitive service,  I DO NOT ACCEPT or PROCESS REFUNDS. 

If you require a larger painting/custom painting please email me at to further discuss requirements.
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