What and who is GalArtic?

Hello, you Beautiful Soul, thank you for visiting and stumbling across my website. It is a pleasure, honour, and joy to have you here with me.   First, my name is Kerry Marie, and I AM the creator and founder of GalArtic.  

What is GalArtic?

GalArtic is very much an extension of my soul, a form of expression transmitted through the vast quantum field and bridging the multi-dimensions to be broadcast through the blank void of the canvas and eloquently harnessed through my wands, mainly the paintbrush. These transmissions are focused on various geometric patterns involving an alchemy of crushed crystals set in resin. Within these geometric patterns beholds a powerful combination of frequencies and vibrations to unlock keys within the energetic systems and bodies for those souls who choose to cast their eyes upon these transmissions or have these transmissions within their own homes, through various forms, whether it be an original painting, print, accessory, or energetic clothing.   

The Benefits of having a GalArtic Transmission

Having these transmissions within their presence will bring forward healing for the trinity of Body, Mind and Soul through all space, time and dimensions but to also shift any energetic blockages within their own souls as well as the physicality, to further harness great expansion of their own soul evolution, alignment and to help assist and attain higher consciousness and awareness as well as sustain their own vibration and frequency to the highest degree and bring further to the surface any healing that their soul journey requires to focus on and work through at that present moment and time.  

A little bit about Kerry Marie

From my own perspective, I have been on a spiritual journey throughout my whole childhood and adulthood where some may say that I was very much a sensitive and in tune with the spiritual realms. However, it wasn't until the year 2020 that I became further aware of my consciousness. With that I chose to vastly delve in to my own soul evolution of healing, growth and expansion. I evolved, I grew and had a deeper innerstanding and perspective of energy, the mindset, consciousness, freeing myself from my own limitations and lack mindset through the deliverance of many challenges that I faced through my whole life journey, further aligning with my own universal soul and becoming who I was always destined to become. My focus and intention with GalArtic are to assist souls with their own soul journey and to give the tools necessary to bring awareness to the energetic systems and bodies as to how they function and work through the quantum fields, physicality and dimensions as well as having a good knowledge base of more than what we know or have been programmed to believe. My passion and the beat of my heart is to free souls from the constraints of limitations that prevent their own soul from further evolving into a space that they truly deserve to live in joy, peace, harmony, love, abundance, and prosperity. My main focus of all however, is to remind souls to live life, enjoy life and embrace all that life has to offer whether it's being in my presence or through my service, I will never step down from leading all my beautiful SisStars and Brothers to that beautiful space of being authentic and true to their own authentic self and that they too can be loved unconditionally and also be free without the constraints of a lower vibrational world.