Collection: Merlin's Power - Prints Available NOW!!

Prints of this Powerful Painting are available NOW!   Behold the Power of Merlin within your own sacred space and home.

This is a print from the Original Painting of Merlin.  This Print will contain the same frequency and energy as the original painting.  Within this painting there is an alchemy of Sacred Geometry as well as the frequency of a crystal mix containing over 40+ crystals to assist with the unlocking of various gene keys within your own DNA.   The unlocking of these gene keys will bring forth the dense/shadow energies at a cellular level for healing, unlocking the gifts within you, clearing the energetic field and raising your own vibration.   

Another benefit of having this Print Transmission within your own home will not only raise the frequency of the your sacred space and home to a higher vibration but will also assist those who choose to look at the print transmission due to the alchemy of Sacred Geometry.  

These Print Transmissions will only unlock the DNA gene keys that your/other soul/s  are well and truly ready for.

Due to the size of Canvas that Merlin's Power was created on, print sizes are limited due to the size of the original however there are many variations of Merlin's Power to suit all.