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Does your little one suffer from night terrors? Bad Dreams? Talk about scary things that they see and get extremely upset or scared?  With the ever growing presence of technology in our current day world, it can have a detrimental affect on our little ones energy.   The frequencies and vibrations emitted from technology whether it be mobiles phones, the TV, iPads, tablets or 5G towers can have a huge affect on their little energetic bodies in many ways.

Protect your little ones whilst they sleep or play with these magikcally attuned plaques to hang within your little ones bedroom.   Ideally the plaques are created to hang where your little one sleeps however, they can be placed wherever you feel called to place within the room.

The plaques have been created and attuned with a natural and crystal alchemy that has been formulated to send out a frequency to diminish and block any negative or dark energies within 30ft of the plaques presence.  The crystals used are cleansed, cleared, charged energetically and crushed by hand and encased within the resin.

Plaques come in three ranges, Winslow the Protection Cat, Poppy the Protection Fairy or Sparkle the Protection Mermaid.   All plaques come with velcro sticky tape for you to hang however if you would like to hang your plaque by other means, please email me at to discuss your requirements.

Plaques also come with a little guide to help you and your little one learn how to shield, ground and protect their energetic bodies everyday to help them navigate through the frequencies and vibrations thrown at them.

These plaques are made to order so please allow up to 7 to 10 days for delivery.   International shipping may take longer.   Tracking number will be sent once item has shipped for both UK and International shipping.

UK Postage is included in the price given however, International shipping may be extra which will be emailed to you in due course before Plaque can be shipped.   The UK postage paid with your order will be deducted from international shipping costs and the remaining outstanding will be emailed to you.   The remaining balance must be paid before shipment can take place.


These plaques are energetic tools and have no full claim to diminish bad dreams or night terrors however, these plaques will only work if the belief is there. Think Quantum Field. Therefore no refunds will be given unless item is damaged during transit to which photos of damage can be emailed to me at    Refunds will only be issued one proof of damage has been sent.

Colours may vary from pictures shown as each plaques is custom made.


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